Friday, September 7, 2012


Yikes!  Getting behind again!  I think I skipped right over Aidan's birthday and straight into the school year.  Poor kid.  He'll be scarred forever because his mother forgot to blog about his seventh birthday.

Or what will be known in our house as "The Best Birthday Ever". 

Aidan had been very indecisive these past couple of months over how he wanted to celebrate his momentous seventh birthday.  One day he wanted to go golfing with his friends.  Or disc golfing with dad and buddies.  Or have 10 friends over for a football game party at the house.  Or maybe go to Chuck E Cheese.  Or Main Event.  Or have a water slide in the backyard.  Back and forth, until it was 2 weeks before his birthday, and he still couldn't decide. 

So Brandon uttered this brilliant sentance: "Hey Aidan, instead of a birthday party, do you just want us to give you $100 that you can spend on whatever you want?"

I don't think I have ever loved my husband more.

Aidan was OVER THE MOON excited about the prospect of getting to spend that amount of money on whatever his little heart desired, and I was OVER THE MOON excited about the lack of invitations/planning/pre cleaning/post cleaning/slide rentals/deposits/teenagers in giant mouse costumes that were involved in this brilliant plan.  Aidan also got to pick a special lunch place (Chic-Fil-A), and decided that he wanted frozen yogurt instead of a birthday cake.

Did I mention that this was the best birthday ever?

The day started as all birthdays should, with a special breakfast.  Green chocolate chip pancakes coming right up for this boy!
After breakfast the whole family loaded up and headed to the Lego store, where Aidan spent over half of his budget on a Lego chess set (Mom!  Look how many guys it has!) and some sort of Ninjago sword. 

And the Lego store is the happiest place on earth.  Did you know they now make, as Emerson calls them, "Girl Legos"?  They're little lego sets with girl characters and things like a petshop and hair salon.  They're cute, pink and purple, and Emerson has told me multiple times that she wants them for her birthday.  I think Brandon has started a good tradition here...
We played at the playground at the mall for a few minutes, and then stopped at Toys R Us for Pokemon cards before having Aidan's special birthday Chic-Fil-A lunch.  After lunch, Aidan and I stopped off at Kohls because I had about $20 in special offers to spend, and he picked out a new hooded sweatshirt for the fall that had a "super soft hooded part".  My boys refuse to wear jackets, and most days here they don't need them anyway, but they will wear a hooded sweatshirt with a super soft hooded part.  And in Aidan's case, he will wear it every day for a week at the end of August, becuase it's new and he got it on his birthday.  Love that kid.
The six of us completed Aidan's Best Birthday Ever Birthday Celebration with frozen yogurt and lots of toppings.
And silly faces for mom.
I love you so much, Aidan Cooper!  I think SEVEN is going to be the best year ever for you!