Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Advice from Aidan

Like we did with Dane, we asked Aidan to "fill in the blank" on a few classic sayings. Here's what the A-man came up with:

Don't change horses...pet them. (Does anyone know how this quote is supposed to end? I've never heard it. But I like Aidan's version.)
Strike while the...dog barks. (And hide your dogs, because apparently Aidan wants to strike them.)
It's always darkest before...the sunlight (And Aidan would know, he's usually awake before the sunlight.)
Never underestimate the power of...God. (indeed)
Don't bite the hand that...is strong. (because that one will probably choke you for biting it.)
No news is...not fun. (wha...)
A miss is as good as a...guy (as in Miss, Mister... I love this kid)
You can't teach an old dog...to poop outside (but you can teach little boys to pee outside)
If you lie down with dogs, you'll...get bitten. (Why are so many of these d0g-themed?)
Love all, trust...God. (smart boy)
The pen is mightier than the...pencil. (b0th Dane and Aidan answered this one the same)
An idle mind is...crazy! (!!)
Happy is the bride who...kisses. (I'm so glad he stopped at "kisses")
A penny saved...has George Washington on it? (no, Lincoln actually)
Two's company, three's...a party. (good to know, I'll remember this for his birthday bash this year. Smaller guest list.)
Don't put off till tomorrow what...is cool. (great advice)
Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and...they cry. (possibly...)
There are none so blind as...an old man. (I actually giggled on this one)
If at first you don't succeed...play video games. (Brandon laughed at this one.)
A bird in the hand...was scared. (that would be pretty scary for the bird.)
and my favorite...
When the blind lead the blind...they all die. (especially if they're leading them over a cliff)

So what did we learn from Aidan? Hide the dogs. If you're blind, don't follow other blind people. It may not work out for you. And don't EVER put off till tomorrow what is cool.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wise Sayings From Dane

Brandon sat the boys down a couple of nights ago and asked the boys to complete a few sentences, recite old wisdom, if you will. We gave them the first part of the sentence, and had them complete it. Here's some of what Dane came up with:

Strike while the...guard is down. (nice strategic planning, Dane!)
It's always darkest before...1:00. (?)
Never underestimate the power of...pooping. (yeah, an 8 year old boy answered these)
You can lead a horse to water but...you can't give it food. (except when you can give it food)
Don't bite the hand that...is an animal hand. (bad idea to bite animal hands. bad idea.)
No news is...bad news. (except for when it's not)
A miss is as good as a...try. (I don't even know how this one is supposed to end)
If you lie down with dogs, you'll...get gassy. (again with the bathroom functions)
Love all, trust...God. (hmmm.)
The pen is mightier than the...pencil. (yes, yes it is)
An idle mind is...a lazy mind. (truth!)
Where there's smoke, there's...heat. (true)
Happy is the bride who...is a farter. (I can personally attest to this one)
A penny saved is...better than zero cents. (math whiz)
Two's company, three's...love. (WHAT??)
Don't put off till tomorrow what...golf. (WHAT??)
Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and...fart. (but only if you're crying really hard)
There are none so blind as...an alligator. (are alligators blind? did I miss something?)
Children should be seen and not...hurt. (psa courtesy of Dane)
A bird in the hand...is a diamond. (why birds never land on Dane's hand)
Better late than...gone. (in some cases)

and my personal favorite:

When the blind lead the blind...you get beat up. (I'm still laughing at that one. It reminds me of the sign at the bank.)

Fun little game to play with your kids. Next up (hopefully not a month from now, thanks, awesome computer) Aidan's answers!