Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend with Pappy and MoMo

Here is a picture of Aidan and his Pappy sharing some donut holes.

We took an unexpected trip to MoMo and Pappy (my parents) house this weekend while Brandon was on a Youth Guys' Retreat. (More on the weekend later). Dane and Aidan were very busy boys these last few days. A quick run down on some of their weekend highlights:

1. Chasing Aunt Lindy's kitty cats around the house and "showing" the cats their toys by throwing them at the cats' faces.

2. Eating popcicles on a towel in the game room when MoMo wasn't home.

3. Eating donuts for breakfast 2 out of the 3 mornings. This morning, Dane was given a chocolate donut to eat, and he said "Wow! I've always wanted a grown-up donut." (He usually has donut holes when he has donuts...who knew his aspiration was for a "grown up donut". I wonder if he thinks the donut itself is grown up, or if he thinks he is a grown up for eating it. Interesting.)

4. Juice boxes. I am too cheap to keep them at our house.

5. Dane waking Lindy's boyfriend, Andy up this morning by kissing him on the forehead. That's what you get for falling asleep on the couch. Good morning, Andy!

6. Aidan sticking Andy's toy sword (please don't ask why my sister's boyfriend owns a toy sword) into the side of his diaper and calling it his "pocket".

7. Dane sticking 2 stretchy rubber lizards into the back of his underwear and saying "I got my nunchucks in my pocket". (Are you seeing a trend here? Maybe I should start insisting my children wear clothes...Nah. Then they would have use toys for their intended purposes. This way provides many more stories to embarrass them with later.)

More on the weekend later.


Brand al Thor said...

Wish I could have been there!