Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Heartwarming Father's Day Tale

Happy Father's Day to the three men who read this blog!  I hope you had a wonderful day spent exactly how you choose.

Brandon's day included some less than desirable moments. 

We started the day off with church, followed up by lunch at Double Dave's Pizza, per Brandon's request.  Aidan apparently cannot go to an eating establishment without having to poop.  The thought of one of our little boys putting their little boy behinds down on a yucky men's room seat grosses Brandon out to no end, so he convinced Aidan that he could hold it until he got home, but Aidan still had to pee.  

So Aidan and his daddy trotted off to the men's room.  Brandon apparently got Aidan settled at the first urinal, before heading to the second urinal.  When business was complete, Brandon noticed that Aidan had blue stuff on his hands and all under his fingernails.

Ladies, are you familiar with a urinal cake?  I am not talking about a dessert of any kind.  These are the little things that sit in the urinal and get peed on every time a man visits the facilities.  The pee eventually disintegrates the urinal cake into nothingness, when it is then replaced by a fresh one.  I think it's purpose is aromatic in nature.

And, apparently, Double Dave's fancies the blue urinal cakes for their men's room.

Aidan had dug his fingernails into the blue urinal cake at Double Dave's.  

Ew.  Ewewewewew.

Brandon spent the next 10 minutes in the bathroom giving Aidan a full-on scrub down from shoulders to fingernails.  They then rejoined us at the table, where Aidan proceeded to lick pizza sauce off his fingers and tickle Harper's toes.

Father's Day can only get better from this point.