Sunday, April 18, 2010

What I Would Have Missed...

...on Friday if my charge nurse hadn't called and asked me to come to work in the afternoon instead of the morning:

Dane getting ready for Career Day at school. Who's my favorite 6 year old youth minister?
...and Aidan determined to get in the picture with him.

Aidan's art show at his preschool. I have never seen a child more proud of his creations.
He made a treasure box filled with scripture cards.

This one says "Control your anger". I have a feeling he hears that scripture repeated multiple times during his school days.

His Class Prayer:
"Protect us God the whole day through
In everything we say and do
Thank you for the friends that care
Thank you for the food we share

...Harper wandering around at the art show, eventually finding a lady's lap to sit in and some cherry tomatoes to eat off her plate. This wouldn't have been so bad if we had actually known the sweet lady. She washed down her cherry tomato with a swig of lemonade from an abandoned cup she found on the floor. This all happened in a five-second span when I put Harper down to talk to Aidan's teacher. Harper also became rather fascinated with another mom's prairie-style skirt, and spent the better part of the morning trying to pull it off. My children have an issue with boundaries.

Thank you sweet charge nurse for my morning.


Anonymous said...

Not even a youth minister... No facial hair, not even a soul patch..