Monday, February 28, 2011

The Good Samaritan, Revisited

A couple of years ago, I blogged about young Dane's interpretation of the Good Samaritan story that he had learned in church.

Here was the conversation with Aidan in the car after church today:

Me: Aidan, what did you learn at church today?

Aidan: Mom, I just can't remember! It's too hard for my brain to remember!!

Me: Maybe we'll just go back to church for a couple more hours until your brain can remember. ("My brain just can't remember" is a common Aidan Cop Out Answer.)

Aidan: Oh, yeah. We learned about the guy who got the boo-boos and got karate-chopped! Then the burglurs stole all his stuff. He was just laying there and the preacher walked by, and didn't help him. Then the wise man walked by, and didn't help him. Then the neighbor walked by and helped him out. And there was this 9-year old girl who said she knew a secret about Justin Beave-o. (I'm assuming this is seperate from the Good Samaratin story. I'm pretty sure they didn't teach about Bieber at church today.) She said she knew a secret about Justin Beave-o and I wasn't suppposed to hear it until I was 9. But I heard the secret. He's the worst singer in the world!

Me: (Um, how did this conversartion switch from the good samaritan to J. Biebs?) What was the secret about Justin Bieber?

Aidan: That he poops. All the time. Like, a lot. (insert uncontrollable little-boy giggles from the backseat of the van HERE).

Nine year old girls everywhere will be devastated, I'm sure.


Brand al Thor said...

The Bible, Justin Bieber and poop all rolled into one story...only possible in Aidanland. I wish I could hang out in his brain for a while and see what is going on in their...he's amazing!

Lynn said...

Lol! So cute :)