Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There's a Bookshelf in My Kitchen

And a Christmas tree in my pantry.

At some point I plan to blog in 2012. I plan to recap our Christmas, cull through the pictures, and maybe even read a blog or two. We got back in town last Thursday, and went straight to a hotel because the drywall was being repaired in our house after our last unfortunate toilet misadventure. Friday started four straight twelve-hour shifts at work for me, and four straight days of Brandon The Super Dad hanging out with the kids in the midst of a house in various stages of repair and disarray. I'm finally off work today, a bit sleep deprived, and with a gigantic to-do list.

And so, my (filled) stocking sits on my mantle. Two unpacked suitcases lie on my bedroom floor. A trash bag full of dirty laundry has taken up residence in my kitchen. My living room floors are in the process of being put in (yay!), so various pieces of living room furniture are all over the house. Like the coffee tables in my garage, and the bookshelf in my kitchen. And the Christmas tree in my pantry. It's just the cruel reality that I still have Christmas decorations up in the midst of the chaos. Sadder still that they may not get put away today, even.

So, blog, I bid you goodbye for another day or two. When I dig myself out from under the laundry pile and unpack a suitcase or two or (maybe!) put away the Christmas decorations, I'll be back to tell all Christmas details for the sake of posterity.

Hope you and yours had a very Happy New Year, and you weren't one of the endless stream of ER patients I took care of over the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah..... PICTURES!!!!!!