Monday, March 3, 2008

Blind Leading the Blind

We can send a man to the moon. The internet is at our fingertips. My van has doors on it that I don't even have to open. Technology is truly amazing. But to my knowledge, blind people still cannot drive a vehicle.

Or can they?

Here are the words posted on the drive-up ATM machine outside of my bank:

"Audio assistance available for the vision impaired."

If a blind man is driving a car, he may have a little more to worry about than whether or not he has Fast Cash. Like the blind robber behind him waiting for him to pull his money out of the ATM. Or the blind bus driver with a busload of hemophiliac orphan children about to run into him. (This is an ER joke...this would be an ER's worst nightmare.)

My apologies to all of the blind people reading this. I'm sure they enjoyed the pictures of Brandon's play-doh car much better.