Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And April

I'm sure our little family did lots and lots of fun things in April.  I'm fairly certain the highlight of the month was not manicure day:
However, when I went through my camera, very few pictures represented the super fun month that I AM SURE we had. 

I know we went swimming a couple of times, and played outside and went to the park a bunch.  I know for sure that I spent no small part of the month mentally obsessing about what on earth I am going to do with four kids at home all summer, since we're not planning any big fun vacations.  I know I spent lots of time on Pinterest, planning my next room redecoration/craft project/scripture memorization plan/baby shower menu.  And I know I co-hosted not one, but two bridal showers over a single weekend.  (Sidenote:  Why do I always think cake balls are such a good idea?  They take 6 hours to make.  6 HOURS TO MAKE.  Never again, cake balls.  Never again.)
So what did I get pictures of instead?

Brandon took the kids for a weekend to see  his family and surprise his mom for her birthday.  I had to work the whole weekend, so I didn't get to go.

Which I realized was probably for the best when I saw these pictures:

Dane with a microphone.  Aidan with a trumpet.  A trumpet.  As parents, Brandon and I dread the day when our kids will utter the fateful phrase, "Can I be in band this year?"  We will support them in any endeavor they want to undertake, of course, as supportive, encouraging parents who want the best for our children.  Unless that involves band, baseball, or tennis.  Or some sort of select ice hockey league.  Those are all out.

On an unrelated note, Emerson wore this cute outfit and green shirt on this trip, and I have not seen this outfit since then.  So if anyone sees it, please send it back.  Girlfriend looks cute in green :)

The girls and I spent a weekend at my parents' house, in town for a big 50th anniversary celebration at the church I grew up in.  We had a great time, seeing friends I haven't seen anywhere (except on Facebook, of course) in 15 years.  How is it possible that I'm old enough to say "I haven't seen you in 15 years!"?  What I should have done was take pictures of the people I got to see and catch up with, of their beautiful babies and hair that is graying.  Instead, I took pictures of my kids watering Momo's tomatoes.

 And some of girls looking for bugs with their cousins.  Of course.

Harper's newest thing is to grab your face with both hands, and move in for a big, dramatic smooch on the lips for 5-10 seconds.  She calls it a "princess kiss".  We're going to be monitoring her Disney watching habits a little more closely :)  It's really pretty awkward when she does it to her friends at church.  Speaking of church, Emerson is coming to church service with us Sunday because they're talking about her (well, not her, but adoption and orphans) and we all get to wear cute matching shirts and she'll be so sassy, except that she fell out of her bed two nights ago and has a big purple bruise right by her lip.  Awesome.  Parents of the Year.
Harper Lo, Zane, and Jack have the exact same hair color.  It's called "almost the same color as these bricks".  Apparently it's a dominant family trait.
And here's to being officially (almost) caught up on blogging!  Just a week behind now!  Woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Uh... Is it just me or is that little girl who's hair doesn't match the bricks, wearing goggles???
You know a lot of families would find a need to explain that...

Anonymous said...

You gotta love an Emmerson who wears safety goggles during outdoor activities involving siblings and cousins with brick colored hair - GranDoug

Valerie said...

I have NOT seen the said green outfit. She did look very cute at the party...