Friday, June 8, 2012

Thor and the Flower Girl

Some weekends are relaxing.  

Very ho-hum.

The kind of weekend where you don't get out of your pajamas until 1pm on Saturday, and watch college football all day with pizza.

And other weekends are like last weekend (and the weekend before that, for that matter).  

What did we do last weekend?  Enough that it's taken me a full 5 days to recover from it and blog about it.  Thursday-Sunday last weekend found us at one rehearsal dinner, one wedding, one swim meet, one baby shower, one birthday party, and two graduation parties.  In short, a lot of cake to muster up the willpower to NOT eat.
Emerson was privileged to precede her beloved Miss Kylie The Babysitter down the aisle Friday night.

With a fresh mani-pedi (thank you for including her, Miss Kylie!) and her sassy new boots.  Because clearly this girl needs more sass.

The wedding went off without a hitch, and the flower girl stood on her penny on the ground for the whole ceremony.

High five, Emerson!

And look!  I was there, too.  Please excuse the very bright cell phone flash.
Emmy was excited to discover that she got to eat a giant plate of mashed potatoes at the reception.
And pixie sticks (fed to her by Daddy) from the "candy bar".  Thank you, dear husband, for feeding the (already very excited and energetic) little girl flavored sugar at 10pm.
The fun didn't stop there.  Saturday afternoon (after the swim meet and the baby shower), I ran home to find this guy and the kids loaded up in the van to leave for the birthday party:
Thor God of Thunder riding shotgun in the minivan.  Eat your heart out, ladies.

There's a perfectly good explanation for Brandon transforming (very convincingly, I might add) into Thor for our Saturday evening.
A sweet family at our church has a little boy who is obsessed with Thor and All Things Avengers.  Sweet Little Boy had a super-fun birthday party, and Thor's presence was requested.  Truth be told, we had a blast, and a certain someone was pretty excited about getting to wear his costume again...
And he thinks it's pretty cool to have his own action figure...
Our weekend wrapped up on Sunday with church, two more parties, and no additional superhero costumes :)

Up next:  A sneak peek at Emerson's birthday dinner.


The Driskells said...

Nice pics! Love that one of that beautiful blond momma! Hadn't seen her in a while on the blog. I was pretty sure she was still around, but its nice to have visual proof!

Looks like you have the perfect life with a princess for a daughter and a super hero for a husband!

Adrienne said...

TWO Mandy pictures in the same post?! That may be a first! You guys look great-- you, Emmy the flower girl, and Thor God of Thunder!