Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pretty Princess Tinkerbell Fairy

Some days it's hard being the littlest sister.  Last year, Harper watched longingly through a window every week as Emerson took her princess dance class, dressing up like Belle and Cinderella and dancing around to princess music in a class full of little pottytrained, 3-4 year old princesses.  It's really hard to be a two-year old on those days. 

Well.  After a couple of missed sessions, these past few weeks it was finally Harper's turn at the eagerly anticipated princess dance classes.  

With only three little girls in the class, it seemed the perfect introduction for miss Harper girl, who has been talking about princess dance class for approximately one year.  
And every week, she would get to prance around in a Tinkerbell costume. 

All sounds good in theory...

In reality?  She spent about 55 minutes a week wandering around a dance studio, picking at the paint on the walls, checking herself out in the mirror, and every now and then, busting out a pretty princess dance move.  
And then she would come home, dress up in dance clothes, and talk about how much she LOVED pretty-princess dance class, and showing us toe-taps and sashays and twirls.
Some point during week three I decided that her teacher was the most patient woman on earth.
We weren't able to make it to the much-anticipated dance recital this past Saturday (more on our weekend later), so we were treated to a little dress recital this past Wednesday during Harper's final turn as Tinkerbell.

Note to self:  Sure am glad I didn't kill a whole Saturday afternoon watching her do this.
Because the 'Hands Over Ears' move was not something they had rehearsed.
Neither was the 'Lift the Dress Up' move

Or the 'Eat the Foam Flower You're Supposed to be Standing On' move, which was my personal favorite.
Nonetheless, Harper LOVED her few short weeks as Beautiful Dancing Tinkerbell.  

We're just not telling her that she will have to wait a few more princesses before she may be ready for dance class again :)