Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It Happened in January... I must not be referring to "blogging".  I sat down today at Ye Olde Blog of Yore and realized I haven't even blogged about THANKSGIVING.  So, ummm, I'm a bit behind.  But I wanted to jot down a few January tidbits, just in case it's March before I get caught up on the last two months.

Harper has outdone herself these last few weeks.  We have a semi-strict "No Food Upstairs" rule at the Outnumbered House, because I don't want to be Outnumbered by ants, and Harper has become very adept at breaking that rule lately.  I have found her camped out upstairs with the entire contents of our refridgerator.  Cherry tomatoes, lettuce heads, apples, bananas, a jar of grape jelly with a spoon, a tub of fake butter with a spoon (yes, that's right), yogurt, a sleeve of Saltines, and an entire lunch box full of granola bars.  And most recently, a container of powdered sugar.  I PROMISE we feed this child.  She's just a snacker who apparently feels too restricted while eating at the kitchen table.

Every Sunday morning, Brandon heads to church about an hour before I do.  Something about it being his "job".  So I have the enviable task, each Sunday morning, of getting all four kids presentable looking, fed, and out the door on time to go to church.  This past Sunday, I achieved all of this, only to pull into the parking lot, unload all children, and notice Aidan walking across the parking lot holding his shorts up with one hand, and a long piece of black elastic with the other hand.  Okay, moms.  You know those kid shorts that they make for skinny kids, with the elastic and buttons on the inside of the waistband so you can adjust the waist to make them tighter, so they don't fall off of hip-less, butt-less little boys?  Well, did you know that with just the right amount of focus and determination, that a certain hip-less, butt-less little seven-year old can pull the entire length of elastic out of his shorts during the eight minute car ride to church?  It would be too easy to do at home, where you could just change shorts before you left the house.  What is the challenge in that?  So I did what any resourceful mom would do, I squatted down in the hallway, and laced that piece of elastic through Aidan's beltloops, knotting it in the front before sending him off to class.  Must remember to tell children "please don't disassemble your shorts on the way to church this morning".  Silly mommy.

Hide the silverware when we come over, friends, or Harper might try to steal it.  We went to Academy the other day for running clothes (ugh, I hate running), and Harper took her little Dora backpack in with her that she got for Christmas (another holiday I have yet to blog about).  When we go to check out, I see out of the corner of my eye a certain little girl carefully selecting candy from the shelf, then calmly sticking the candy in her backpack.  The cashier smiled at Harper, as I'm telling her, "Harper, I see you.  We don't take things from the store and stick them in your backpack!"  I sheepishly took the bag, setting it on the counter and retrieved the candy from the bag...and then proceeded to pull out a pink tutu and two pink leotards, all with price tags dangling from them.  Maybe they'll let her eat grape jelly from the spoon in her prison cell someday.

Dane brought home a poem he wrote in school a couple of weeks ago.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have:

"Friendship is Like a Warm Mug of Hot Chocolate" by Dane

Friendship is awesomeness.
Friendship tastes like a slice of hot pepperoni pizza.
Friendship smells like a warm jungle afternoon.
Friendship sounds like friendly laughing.
Friendship feels like a soft babies head.
Friendship looks like a person helping someone else when they fall.
Friendship is awesomeness.

Dane's got some stinky friends if their friendship smells like a warm jungle afternoon.

We also had a busy month of weddings, visiting GG, and high school retreats.  Stay tuned!  Catch-up in progress!