Saturday, February 2, 2013

Latest Thanksgiving Post Ever

Last year, around November or so, the country as a whole celebrated Thanksgiving.  And now that I only vaguely remember it, and have only a handful of pictures from the weekend (none of which I took, I didn't take a SINGLE picture the whole time), it's as good a time as any to blog about it.  And let's face it, anytime I get to hold a sweet snuggly baby for a few days is a good holiday in my book.

The highlight of Emerson's Thanksgiving weekend was the abundance of aunts available for hairstyling. 
Aunt Val had this cool curling iron/hairbrush thing that spun around as you are curling your hair, and it raced to the top of Emerson's Christmas list.  Fortunately, she forgot about the cool hair thing (good thing, because it was out of Santa's price range) about a week later.

Emerson wasn't the only one who enjoyed hair styling over Thanksgiving. 

I never thought I would see the day when my daughters would fix their daddy's ponytail with their toy curling iron.

Food was cooked and eaten, football games were watched, friends visited.  Val and I got out and Black Friday shopped at 5am Friday morning like AMERICANS DO.  Not, like crazy people, at 5pm on Thanksgiving day.  I refuse to support that practice.  I will not Christmas shop on Thanksgiving day.  Too much overlapping of the holidays.  And while we're on the topic of Holiday Overlap, we do Thanksmas with Brandon's family the day after Thanksgiving, and exchange Christmas gifts with them then. 

Also known as "The Day Aidan Got the Yellow Shirt that He Has Worn 30 Times Since". 

And the matching hat that the Friday morning shoppers found and couldn't resist getting for the A-man.

(This might be a girl hat, please don't tell him.)

We had lots of fun cousin-time, taking adventure walks and enjoying sunny days playing football in the backyard, and, of course, playing Angry Birds
and Harper learned how to play piano while we were there.
Well, she played ON the piano, anyway.

We had a great time with family celebrating Thanksgiving!