Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Cookies with Aunt Lindy

My sister, Lindy came into town Sunday to help me out for a few days, and we had a great time with her here.  It was nice to have an extra set of hands around to help with Harper and help keep the boys entertained.  The boys helped her make Easter sugar cookies on Sunday.  

My job was to move the cookies from the cookie sheet to the cooling rack.  That's it.  That's all I had to do.  Should not be that difficult, right?  And look what happened:

Yeah, that's the cross-shaped cookie.  I couldn't have accidently broken the bunny or the dinosaur cookie (yes, dinosaurs are Easter-y at this house).  

Dane enjoyed helping make the cookies.  Here is the yarn headband he has been wearing that coordinates with his yarn armband (the one that reminds him of Jesus).
The cookie decorating was fun as usual.  I just noticed that Dane looks very grossed out in both of these pictures.  I promise he had fun making cookies.  He ate most of what he decorated as he went along.

And the finished products:
See that green one at the top of the picture?  The one that looks like it used to be cross-shaped?  I had just gotten over the trauma of breaking the cookie and wondering if I needed to pray for forgiveness or not, when Dane asked me "What that green one is".  I told him it had been cross-shaped before I accidently broke it, and he replied, "Oh.  I thought it was a gun."

Because nothing says Easter like a cookie in the shape of a gun.

On a different note, I am already falling behind on taking pictures of the third baby.  In the last week, Harper has met for the first time her Aunt Lindy, G.G., numerous aunts, cousins, spouses, and second cousins, and I have not taken a single picture of any of them with her.  I think we took pictures of Dane with everyone that walked in our door the entire first year of his life.  Sorry, Harper.  We'll undoubtedly make it up every time she has a pretty little dress on, starting with Easter Sunday.  We are planning to go to church Sunday, and I CANNOT WAIT to go to my church and see my people.

Harper is 2 weeks old today, and I am actually starting to believe I may actually recover from my c-section.  Dane had his 5 year old check up at the pediatrician yesterday, and I was making sure all our t's were crossed and i's dotted for kindergarten in the fall.  His immunizations were all up to date, and he had a vision and hearing screening done yesterday.  His hearing is perfect (so he has no excuse for not cleaning up when I ask him to...), but his visual acuity tested at 20/50.  So off to the pediatric opthamologist we go!  Looks like Dane got his Daddy's blind eyes.  

Maybe that's why he thought that green cookie looked like a gun...


Becky said...

who are you taking him to? Dr. Joey by your house is great with kids.

Anonymous said...

It is 5 PM on Easter Sunday.... No Easter clothes picture.... No Easter egg hunt picture.... I'M WAITING.
Don't make me come down there.

Anonymous said...


Now it's 6 PM on Easter Sunday!!!!!