Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Thoughts on the Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful relaxing weekend.  Here are some thoughts on our weekend as listed in a numerical format in no particular order:

1.  Brandon had church related activities Saturday from 9am until 5pm.  

2.  And then again for 8 hours on Sunday.

3.  It was Baby Dedication at church this past Sunday.  Harper did great, sporting open eyes and no vomit in sight for her brief time on stage.  Brandon sang a song called "Safe and Sound", which, if I hadn't heard it about 97 times over the last few weeks, would have left me a weeping puddle on the floor in the middle of church.  Fortunately, by the time Sunday morning rolled around, both of us were immune to it's powers.

4.  A nice man at church who knows how to use his camera took family pictures outside after Baby Dedication.  Great idea on paper.  Factor in the gusting wind, bright sun, infants, and preschoolers, and it was not a picture for the mantle.  Dane had a look on his face that can only be described as "constipated" (I didn't think that asking the nice photographer to tell diarrhea jokes to get my boys to smile was appropriate on Baby Dedication day.)  Harper was covering her face with her hand, and my hair was a'blowin in the wind.  We were positioned with the pretty fountain in the background (see below), only in the picture it appeared that the fountain was sprouting from the top of my head. 
Like one of those complicated garden gnomes that's actually a water feature.  Or perhaps the headpiece of a Vegas showgirl.  Maybe we'll put it on the fridge, for comic relief.

5.  The quilting ministry at our church (I think I have mentioned this group before) had made a quilt for each baby (and there were about 20 0f them) and presented it to the families while we were waiting for pictures yesterday.  Ours is yellow with blue and pink, and I am continually amazed at people who can take fabric from Hobby Lobby and make it into something cute.  And then further amazed that they spend hours making a beautiful quilt and then give it away to someone they may not know.

Hope your weekend was great, as well!  (I'm off to recover from the 7 inches of rain my little town has gotten in the last 16 hours or so).  



Anonymous said...

Yeah, our picture was not great either and we didn't even have the big kids in the picture with us. Robert looked angry he was squinting so hard and my hair was blowing so much it was nothing but forehead for as far as the eye could see! Not even refrigerator worthy!

But, I LOVE our quilt we got for Theodore. It's green and brown with adorable monkeys all over. God bless the quilting ministry! He is now our "Monkey Boy!"

And Brandon did a FABULOUS job with that song! It was so perfect for baby dedication. :)

:) Sheila