Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aidan's Party

Giant water slide? Check.

Weird birthday cake with a gerbil on it? Check. (Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a giant plastic gerbil based on a computer-animated gerbil movie that Aidan has never seen, yet nonetheless he selected the G-Force cake from WalMart anyway. Yes sir--we are FANCY about our birthday cakes around here).

Four-year old blowing out candles before "Happy Birthday" was sung? Check.

Room full of wet children watching A VERY EXCITED Aidan open presents? Check.

Lazy-mama thank you note included in party-favor bag featuring Aidan on the first day of school in all his red hat/green soccer socks/Star Wars shirt/holey jean shorts/cereal bar eating glory? Check.
Sidenote: I went to a birthday party for some brothers a couple of weeks ago and they had the thank you note/pictures in the goody bags and I thought it was a great idea. It featured a cute picture of the 3 brothers in coordinating polo shirts, smiling at the camera, not a hair out of place. Our version turned out slightly different.

Finally being finished celebrating Aidan's 4th birthday? CHECK!


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