Friday, September 11, 2009

Next Week Will be Better

It's been an interesting week here at our house. The first few days were spent cleaning up after the big party and getting the house put back together. The last couple of days were spent abandoning the housekeeping all together and wondering when the laundry fairy was going to come and put away all these clean clothes. (Mom, are you reading this?)

Aidan got in trouble at school Tuesday for spitting on another kid. After some discipline and a long discussion about how we NEVER SPIT ON PEOPLE, he returned to school Thursday to have, according to his teachers, his "worst day ever" at school. Keep in mind when he was two, he actually pushed a 4-year old down, kicked him in the face, and gave him a bloody lip at school. "Worst day ever" was yesterday. After peeing outside by the playground, being disruptive during story time and rest time, and not minding in general, Aidan came home and proclaimed proudly, "But I didn't spit on anybody!" This child brings me closer to Jesus everyday.

Brandon and I are leaving for New York City in just a few days. I could not be more excited. And, I bought a "light sweater" to bring with us, because the low is expected to be in the 50s while we're there!! I could still use a couple more restaurant suggestions, so please let me know if there's something we just can't miss while we're there.

A mere 18 hours after we return home from our trip, our social worker who is working with us on our adoption is coming to our house for the Home Visit. Yeah, the very next day after we get back. She also mentioned something about a "walk-through" of the house during the home visit. Does anything sound scarier than that? There's no way the house is going to be clean. My boys will have free reign for four entire days with only their Gran-Doug standing between them and mass destruction. I'm thinking I'll just leave our suitcases, laundry, trip souvenirs, and perhaps the entire contents of the playroom in our van until after the visit is over. A part of me is almost glad it is scheduled for right after our trip, so I won't have an entire empty week to obsess and worry about it.

Please pray that we won't screw the home study up, and that I can convince this sweet social worker that despite all appearances to the contrary, I absolutely DO have my act together and am totally prepared to welcome another child into the fold. And of course the swing set in the backyard is perfectly safe, and NO, of course the locked gun case is not brand new, purchased immediately before the home study. And our children NEVER play mindless video games. We are too busy reading through our "Phonics and the Bible" book and singing praise songs while organizing fund raisers to benefit starving children in Africa.

Yeah, this will be interesting.


The Driskells said...

Took me a few minutes to recover from that "closer to Jesus" comment. I think I might have woke the kids up with my hyproventilating laughter and convulsions on the floor!

But I will be sure to pray that Aiden doesn't pee or spit on the social worker when she visits!

Jana said...

I think Aiden realized he had shown progress by not spitting on anyone on Thursday. He seems like a real "glass is half full kind of guy". I like to see that kind of optimism in a young child:)

Deb said...

Don't worry about the social worker's visit! They just wear white gloves and run their fingers along the door frames to make sure the house is germ free. LOL No seriously, if the SW is worth their salt they are looking for the heart of the home and not the packaging. Be yourselves and all will work out. God's will in this endeavor.

Kalena Hanke said...

I've never been to New York BUT I have a food joint that I am dying for someone to try! I watched this HILARIOUS documentary called "I like Killing Flies" about this place called Shopsin's they have like a HUGE menu! Check it out! Let me know what you think!