Saturday, October 3, 2009

Some Outdoor Fun (Finally!)

I'm finally getting around to posting a few pictures from this past Wednesday (also known as: the only day this year we have had great weather. I Heart Houston.) We enjoyed a play date with some friends from church at a local park. With Dane in kindergarten, it was just Aidan and Harper with me.

Harper took the opportunity to finish out our "summer" season with some unseasonable wardrobe choices. I'm going to miss all of her cute summer clothes!

She even liked the wood chips at the park, and hasn't quite figured out how to eat them yet. She's at a stage where she knows she wants everything to go in her mouth, but her fine motor skills lack the ability to get those tempting wood chips to her mouth.

Aidan also decided to go to the park as Gilligan. He dug a hat out of my pile of outgrown clothes to hand down, and insisted on wearing it all morning.
And he inexplicably he felt the need to recline on the picnic bench while eating his lunch.

I think "inexplicably" sums up my Aidan in a nutshell.
Wednesday evening the boys have soccer practice at the YMCA, and we all loaded up to go practice some mad soccer skillz.

Harper thought the best part of practice was playing with the Capri-Sun (she didn't actually drink it).
The boys, of course, know snack time is the most important time of practice.
We're off to the pumpkin patch this morning, hoping for cool weather and light crowds. Have a great weekend!


Jana said...

Ok...the picture with Harper looking down at the ground could be in a magazine. Her eyelashes are gorgeous and I seriously want to reach into the screen and pinch her precious cheeks.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Jana person? She seems like a weirdo, keep her away from your kids, she probably has the wrong kind of chips.