Sunday, October 11, 2009

State Fair of Texas

Yes, I am still blogging about last weekend. What can I say? It was a busy, fun 3 days, and I have been plowing through the approximately 600 pictures taken by the numerous photographers in attendance.

After a fun Sunday at my parents' house, we loaded up Monday and headed out to the State Fair of Fried Goodies. The boys were giddy with Midway anticipation, and I was giddy with I-get-to-wear-long-sleeves-outside-in-Texas anticipation. (Dear Fall, I love you. Please stay. Love, Mandy).

Aidan tried some fried Reese's peanut butter cup, then some french fries.

We played our annual duck game at the Midway. I'm not clear on the official rules of the duck game, but the way we play, Pappy asks the Duck Attendant how much the stuffed duck, ball, and light-saber are going to cost him, and the boys turn ducks over to their hearts' content and miraculously win the prize they had their eyes on. Funny how that works.

The boys rode some rides.

Zane thought about riding a ride, then changed his mind.

We met some baby goats in the petting zoo, then my child who does not like taking pictures decided to pose for some.

Harper ate her stroller strap...

...and some cotton candy, then promptly threw up and fell asleep on the way to the Pineapple Whip stand. Perhaps a little too young for cotton candy...

The boys found a fountain by the Pineapple Whip

And splashed their uncle John and his camera a little bit.
After a few hours of fun and many, many calories consumed in the form of various fried goodies (Hello, fried twirly sweet potato rolled in cinnamon and sugar), the kids and I left the perfect weather that Dallas enjoyed Monday and headed home to the mosquito-infested swamp that welcomed us home.

Stay tuned for one last installment of pictures from last weekend to come. Then I promise I'll find something else to blog about.


Kay said...

looks like yall had a great time!!

ps. Brandon did a GREAT job today! I love how he described you -