Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I forget to write down the funny conversations we have with Aidan sometimes, and when he's big and way too cool for his Mommy, I want to remember these times.

Aidan informed me yesterday that he no longer wanted to be called "A-Baby", which is one of several nicknames he has. Approved nicknames now include "A-Man", "Aidan-Bonaidan" and "Aidan Cooper, Super Duper", which is to be sung to the tune of "I'm So Happy".
Another van-versation with Aidan on the way home from school...

Me: Aidan, what did you learn at school today?
Aidan: I learned that God knows all the hairs that you gots.
Me: That's right! God knows every hair on your head. He knows you inside and out because he made you! (Yay! Aidan learned something!)
Aidan: And we learned about the letter 'F'. 'F' starts with Elephant, and Easter Egg.
Me: Um, it sounds like you learned about the letter 'E'.
Aidan: And the wood chips on the playground makes big weeds and very big flowers.
Me: (Considering the fact that my very strong-willed child will be convinced that F is for Elephant and Easter Egg until he decides otherwise and not a moment sooner no matter what anyone says to the contrary). Anyone want pizza for dinner?

My children have no illusions about the Easter Bunny. They know we celebrate Easter because Jesus rose from the dead after he died on the cross, and they know they will have Easter baskets and and Easter egg hunt in the backyard. They are well aware of the fact that the Easter Bunny does not exist, and lately Brandon has been threatening NO EASTER GOODIES if they can't remember the real reason for celebrating Easter. This has led to several conversations that look like this:

Mean Daddy: Boys, why do we celebrate Easter?
Dane: Because Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave!
Aidan: Yeah, and we have Easter so we can show Jesus all of our candy and Easter eggs!

I love you, A-Baby! No one else in the world is like you!


Brand al Thor said...

"Mean Daddy" - ouch. How about "Dad-that-doesn't-want-his-kids-bowing-down-to-any-manipulative-materialistic-consumer-idols-and-forget-the-greatest-day-in-history-guy"? That kinda rolls off the tongue nicely.

Kristi said...

your blog makes my heart happy!!! and Josh will enjoy it as well.....he is the "mean daddy" as well ;)No Easter Bunny or even Santa at our house......