Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Break is here at last! My Dane has been counting down the days till Spring Break for the last several weeks. Kindergarten is just so stressful for him, he's been gazing longingly at the calender for several weeks, hoping for a brief respite from all the coloring and recess that he endures every day.

On Saturday the kids and I picked my mom up from the airport (yay! Mom is here!) and hightailed it over to a birthday party at our church playground, arriving just in time for Dane to pee on a tree in front of 30 people. Not sure that was the birthday surprise sweet Emma was hoping for. The rest of Saturday was spent frantically trying to get Brandon ready for his Mexico trip, and the second Wal-Mart trip in 2 days because we forgot to get Brandon's old-man straw hat. Oh, and cleaning up vomit. Aidan decided that to welcome my mother to town, he would projectile vomit all over the kitchen floor when I had left to run an errand. I'm just praying Brandon doesn't end up sick this week while he's gone. I'm also praying that the 30 people we played with at the playground mere hours before all the vomiting don't end up with a stomach bug either.

Brandon left on Sunday morning to take a group to Acuna, Mexico to build houses for three families that don't have any. I packed up four first aid kits, hoping and praying that most of the supplies go unused. It's a rough week if they come home with four empty bottles of Immodium.

Sunday I got in 12 hours of nice, relaxing ER work while my sweet mom stayed home with the kids and started in on a very ambitious yard work project for the week. Yeah, that's right. My mom comes to town while Brandon's gone, and in the first 2 days cleans up vomit, pulls weeds, and watches the 3 kids all day while I'm gone.

I am off work Monday and Tuesday of this week, and have been enjoying every minute of it! I did a little shopping, played Battleship with Dane till my eyes bled, helped transplant one of the bushes in my flower bed, and have scrubbed caked on dirt and mud off my little boys, only to send their clean little bodies downstairs to eat spaghetti for dinner. And for the record, the site of Harper eating spaghetti and meatballs for the first time is an image burned into my memory forever. It made the Thin Mint of 2010 eating experience look dainty and polished.

Speaking of my almost 1-year old, I have been feeling weird mom guilt lately. I take pictures of Harper all the time, and almost never take pictures of Dane and Aidan anymore. I almost feel bad for posting cute pictures of her, because I have none of the boys to share. Yet another thing for them to bring up with their future therapist. I should probably make a list so they don't forget anything.

Have a great Spring Break!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that you are not alone on the picture thing. I have to make a concentrated effort to spread the pictures around evenly. I just figure, when my big boys were babies, all the pictures were of them... So, that's fair, right? :)Sheila

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

funny that you mention the *future therapist*. someone once said that we spend our childhood with parents who do their best to raise us, and then we spend the rest of our lives getting over it. Lol.