Saturday, May 1, 2010

All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Dane reads everything he can get his hands on lately. Between that, and absorbing every tidbit of information he is learning at school these days, my eldest has become a veritable fount of random knowledge:

Mom, did you know that a brachiosaurus that has just hatched from his egg can drop a poop ball as big as Harper?

Mom, I learned what birth is. It means being born. Baby Uriah had some birth just a few days ago.
Mom, how many blowholes does a whale have? Did you ever see a whale? Have you ever been on a whale-watching boat? What kind of whale did you see?

Mom, did you know that insects have three parts? They have a head, thorax, and albumin. Or something like that. Abdomen. It's like albumin in an egg.

Mom, did you know that when mole rats get really hungry, they eat their own poop?

Does anyone else notice a theme here?

And yes, we have started swim team practice. Why do you ask?


Heidi said...

If you want to leave Dane stunned and in awe, next time you see a vulture ask him, "Do you know what a vulture would do if you scared it?" After he takes a few misguided guesses, announce with gusto, "It would puke on you!" Truth.