Monday, May 31, 2010

Charm School Drop Out

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. I am at work today, and my blog is still catching up on events that occurred last week. On Wednesday Val and I braved the billion percent humidity at 9am and decided to get the kids out to the park and burn off some energy before nap time. The outfit Harper is wearing is one of my favorites. She got it for her birthday and I have been waiting for her to grow a little so it would fit! This outfit is also one of the reasons why I have to stay off Etsy forever lest I have to utter sentences like, "Emerson, I'm sorry it took mommy and daddy so long to get you out of that orphanage. We would have had the money sooner but we were buying overpriced ruffled onesies from Etsy."

After several attempts, I finally managed to get a picture showing all of the words. What I did not manage to do, was wipe the condensation off of the lens before I took the picture. Photoshop can only compensate so much for operator error!

Aidan had a great time playing cars with Joel (yes, Aidan's wearing his goggles at the park. Why is that weird?) and Harper joined in the fun too.

Harper had a very good talk with her new cousin Uriah about how much fun it is to sleep through the night.

But then she tried to lick him.

And rip his nose off.

Hope you and yours are having a wonderful Memorial Day, and I hope I see none of you in the ER today!


Adrienne said...

I LOVE THAT ONESIE!!! So stinkin' cute. Glad you guys could get the kiddos together-- looks like fun! :)