Friday, December 24, 2010

Leaf Me Alone

It's Christmas Eve, and I and my loved ones are up "Santa-ing" while the kids (try to) sleep upstairs. I wanted to post a few pictures from yesterday so I wouldn't get too far behind...

Brandon and the kids made the requisite giant pile of leaves to jump into, while I was on the requisite quick-shopping-trip-before-Christmas-Day.

We had a new jumper this year.

I'm not sure where Harper was during all of the festivities. Napping? Hopefully she wasn't the hand:

Dane caught some air,

and tried a spin move

while this little guy just enjoyed hanging out with his daddy

and it will take no small amount of therapy to make me forget this picture exists:

This is why I so rarely go shopping. Things like this happen while I'm gone.

Off to bed, to enjoy a very Merry Christmas in the morning spent with family, little tykes cozy coupes, and more cookies than we could ever eat!