Saturday, December 18, 2010

We Found Something Brighter than our Christmas Tree Star

This past week we made time to drive around and look at Christmas lights.

We put the kids in their warm jammies, grabbed a couple of blankets and some hot chocolate, and hit the road with the windows rolled down for a special "ignore-bedtime" evening. Yes, Dane and Aidan are sharing a camo-print Snuggie that Brandon received from one of his students.
There's a neighborhood in our town that goes all out. Contests and rewards for best block, best house, and best mailbox. Previous winners proudly display their winning banners in their yards. Blocks are themed, which each house on the block participating. One block was Disney-themed, different characters in each yard, with a flying Peter Pan suspended from one tree. The little "island" in the cul-de-sac turnaround sported a Disney castle. All. Out.

Some of the houses were very elaborate...

Some were just very BRIGHT

Some trees were lit way up high
Some trees were lit down low.

The kids loved it, and Dane was the first to fall asleep in the car with Aidan quickly following. The girls especially loved looking at all the "prilly" lights, and the Sesame Street themed block was a clear favorite with them!

I love making memories like this with my kids. I want them to have lots of Christmas memories that involve something other than opening presents on Christmas day, and I love all of the different activities we can do together as a family this time of the year.

Next up: Our newest family Christmas tradition!