Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Reading List

Sorry for the writer's block lately, I still have a few pictures to look at and edit before I can bore you with more stories about my kids, so I thought I would share with the four of you the books I am planning to read this year. I always have at least one book I am reading, and it's gotten even easier with the Kindle. A little too easy, sometimes, to buy an e-book with just a touch of a button! Here's what I'll be borrowing, buying, or downloading in 2011:

Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
This is the book I started reading over Christmas, and I'm still plowing through its' 1000+ pages. It is the reason my laundry is unfolded, the dishes are unloaded, the DVR is full, and the blog is neglected. Historical fiction set in 12th century England, it is a departure from anything else I've ever read, and I can't put it down!

Crazy Love by Francis Chan
I started reading this last year, and read bits and pieces of it while reading other books at the same time. In short, I didn't give it its' due. I need to sit down and read it again.

This is the same author who wrote Seabiscuit, a book about a horse that I ended up loving. I didn't think I would love it, because I'm not a "horse person", and I've read very few books that had absolutely no dialogue, but it was a great story from a great storyteller. I can't wait to read Unbroken.

A recommendation from a friend, it tells the stories of three different people in North Korea. Learning about heath care in foreign countries interests me.

Blue Shoes and Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith
I read several books in his series "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" a few years ago, and stopped before reading this one. Set in modern-day Botswana, Africa, about a woman who is a private investigator. Slow in pace and set in a country so completely different to my own, it's a nice departure from the thriller/legal mysteries that I typically like to read just for fun.

American Assassin by Vince Flynn
I've read several of his novels, and though interesting and fast paced, he's a little heavy on the "political agenda" for me. I usually find myself picking one of these up when I want to read a mystery/thriller type of book, and none of my other authors have anything new out.

The book that tells you exactly how to parent your four small children, one of whom you adopted from China just a few months ago when she was three and who still mainly speaks a language that is completely foreign to you. A book written for Christian parents, without a plethora of horror stories and worst case scenarios that in no way resembles your current situation. Sorry there's no link, THIS BOOK DOESN'T EXIST.

World Without End by Ken Follett
This is the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, and I think I will need to wait a couple of months before I pick this up.

Here's another one I already have at home so I won't have to buy it. I've head very good things about this book from several sources, and I almost don't know if I want to read it or not. So I'm putting it on the list, in hopes that it will make me read it.

Dismas Hardy series by John Lescroat
A friend of mine recommended this author, and he sounds right up my alley. I love nothing more than finding an author I like, then realizing he's already written 15 books. I'll probably read a couple of the early books in the series, and keep going if I like them.

Does anyone not read this blog? Has anyone not read the Black Heels series on her blog? She's turned it into a book that will be released in February, and I'll be picking up my hardback then.

Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman
I read several authors who write mystery/psychological/legal thrillers, and Kellerman is one of them. Most of his books involve the same characters, and I typically read every book he writes. I think this one comes out in March. I'll probably wait till I can find it at Half Price Books unless Kindle has a cheap price on it.

Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich
Hi, my name is Mandy and I love ridiculous fluffy Janet Evanovich books. I feel like there needs to be some kind of 12 step program for me. Her books are silly, her main character completely unrealistic, and it takes about a day and a half for me to read one of her books. But I love them. And this one comes out this summer.

I have several more authors that I love, and will read their books when published (Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Sue Grafton). I may add a reading list to the sidebar as I go along, with a "finished on..." date. I do have such lofty plans for the New Year!

What are you reading this year? Any books that have rocked your world that I should add to the list?


Heidi said...

We have totally different taste, I can tell, but as a fellow devourer of books I have to weigh in. Anne Lamott comes to mind as someone you would connect with...she's quirky and honest and terribly funny. Also, The Sparrow & Children of God by Mary Doria Russell. So...they're about aliens. But they're also about the ever-present vastness of God, the human condition, suffering and redemption. Intense, but so so good!

Catherine said...

I already pre-ordered Black Heels from Amazon - can't wait to get it in Feb. I lost a good day of my life when I first saw the story on her blog - couldn't stop reading until I finished...

Anonymous said...

I read, but have never commented on your blog. I'm never bored with news and pictures of your precious children :) I guess this is the reason I enjoy the nursery at NCC. I love babies of all ages. :)

Keep the cute stuff coming and take care of you.

Sandra said...

I love Janet Evanovich too and wait eagerly for her new book to come out every summer. The release date almost always comes near my birthday so I ask for the new book for that! LOVE HER!

Sara said...

I hope this isn't too weird. I don't actually know you or have ever met you. I am friends with John and Brandy and they told me to read your blog... so I have been for about six months now. And your stories and pics totally make my day!

If you haven't read The Help or Room, I would check them out! Normally Kindle books are cheaper, especially if it is a new title. My most expensive one was $12. Not too shabby.