Friday, January 14, 2011

That Day Aidan and Emmy "Modeled"

My husband is a high school youth minister. He's been a youth minister for almost 10 years now, in the same church, and it is a blessing and a half to be married to a man who's job is exactly what God put him on earth to do. One of my favorite parts of youth ministry (and, at times, one of the most heart-breaking parts) is watching these kids become grown ups. We've been at the same place long enough to see our former junior-highers get married. Smart-alecky high school juniors are now CPAs. Freshmen are now married mothers of two who I see at playgroup.

Jenna was in my d-group what seems like many, many moons ago. In reality, it has only been five short years. Five short years ago, Jenna was in our high school youth group.

Now, she is the proud owner of Jenna Christine Photography, and makes my children look like this:

and this:

Jenna puts on Paparazzi Mommy Workshops a few times a year, teaching mommies how to use their fancy cameras. She occasionally needs "models" for these workshops, so the mommies can practice taking pictures of squirmy, uncooperative, nap-deprived children.
Thanks to the wonder that is Facebook, I learned of such a "modeling" opportunity, and Jenna needed to borrow a couple of children ages 3-5.

Hey, wait a minute! I have a couple of children ages 3-5.

We made the trek to the other side of Houston one Sunday afternoon in November, and met up with Jenna and her client at a park, where Aidan and Emerson demonstrated exactly how uncooperative and temperamental they could be in front of a camera.
Despite their best efforts, Jenna still got some beautiful shots of these two,
after only a little bribing with the promise of ice cream.
We had a great time catching up with Miss Jenna, marveling how the high school junior suddenly became a married business owner while I haven't aged a day.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Jenna!


Anonymous said...

Oh sure.... She can shoot two professionals..... Let's see what she can do with Ms. Harper Lo.....

Ang Stoltzfus said...

the pictures are treasures & your kids are beautiful!! & i'm sure that they aren't any harder to take pictures of than other kids.