Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Laurel Ann

I can't remember if I've mentioned this or not, but about a month ago, I was re-aunted. My very first niece, Laurel Ann was born last month, and we finally finally got to meet her last weekend. We loaded up the van on Thursday and headed up to Ft. Worth to spend a couple of days with Grammy and GranDoug (and of course, baby Laurel) before heading to my parents' house for my birthday.

Friday Brandon and the boys met up with GranDoug for a train ride and a little tour of the 911 facilities, and baby Laurel came over to visit with her Aunt Mandy.

The guys came back to Ft. Worth on the train, loaded down with bags of 9-1-1 SWAG, including water bottles, pill holders, and DVDs featuring Land Line Larry and Cell Phone Sally.

Somehow, these few pictures of the afternoon that Brandon took with his new cell phone are the only pictures of Aidan I got the entire time we were in Ft. Worth.

(Totally off topic: Did you read correctly? New cell phone? But how can that be? Brandon and I have had the exact same "dumb-phones" for about 3 years now. You push a button, make a call, and that's it. No internet, no "apps", no texting. Brandon has even been known to mock text messaging a bit. Well no longer, my friends. When Brandon quits playing Angry Birds on his new Droid I'm sure he'll send me a text saying how dumb texting is. I got another dumb phone, this one a cute pink flip-number with a full keyboard. Most of the online reviews for Pinky were written by 13 year old girls. So it's perfect for me.

And yes, iphone-loving family of mine, I married a Droid. Hopefully we're still going to heaven.

My Droid with his niece:

We tried and tried to get a picture of the little girl cousins, but Harper was having none of it. She was practicing "being a two year old" a day early, and was just a little stinker on Friday.

Dane, however, could not get enough of his newest cousin. An experienced baby-holder, Dane proved that you only need one good arm to snuggle a sweet little newborn.

I finally resorted to letting Harper play with my new cell phone so she would sit still for more than a couple of seconds.

I have no idea where Aidan and Emerson were when all of this picture-taking was going on. Maybe they were in the backyard talking about how neglected and under-photographed they feel. Maybe Harper is calling them on my phone.

I have to warn you, I have about a bajillion cute pictures that I took last weekend, and I'm going to be blogging about it and posting more pictures later on this week. Boredom can be expected for my non-grandparent readers.


Sheila said...

I love everything about this post. Every single (sarcastic) comment, plus I am such a sucker for super cute new baby pics! Well done! :)