Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Fishing We Will Go...

Some days are just perfect for goin' fishin'.

Perfect for catching seven fish in 30 minutes.

Perfect for dropping that slippery sucker on the ground and watching it flop around, slipping through your fingers before your daddy can grab it.

Perfect for learning how to throw fish back in.

Perfect for wearing "spring" clothes for the first time this year.

Perfect for playing on the playground while your brothers handle yucky fish!
...perfect for leaving the little yellow shoes behind while wandering around exploring.
Hope you've had a few perfect days of your own lately!


Sheila said...

Ah, so much fun! Robert has taught Charlotte to kiss every fish she catches. She loves it. I kinda wish those fish weren't so hungry that they bite every hook she drops in the water the second she drops it in the water.