Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Practically Twins

You may not know this, but Dane and Aidan's favorite show on TV right now is Dancing with the Stars. They love it, and they have watched it with us for the last several years. I'm not sure if it's the music, Tom Bergeron's witty quips, or the fancy costumes, but they love it. We let the boys stay up a little past bedtime last week on Monday to watch "the dancing show". Towards the end of the show, this guy danced.

Brandon asked Aidan (who tends to have the opinions about the flashy costumes) if he liked this guy's pants:

Sweet 5-year old Aidan responded with "I like his whole body". (Ummm, have we been letting our son watch a little too much of the dancing show?)

"What do you mean, Aidan?" (Please mean something different that what I'm thinking, please mean something different than what I'm thinking.)

"Well, he has spiky hair, and sometimes I have spiky hair. He's tall, and I'm tall. He likes to take his shirt off, and I like to take my shirt off. Sometimes he wears muscle shirts, and I wear muscle shirts. We look just the same."

Just the same. My five-year old blondie looks almost identical to the dark haired, bearded, Ukrainian professional dancer covered in (real and fake) tattoos. I almost couldn't tell them apart.

My five-year old blondie was particularly impressed when the Aidan-clone in question ripped his shirt off, straight through the middle of the front of his shirt. He's pretty convinced that he will be able to rip his own shirts off in the near future, and already has big plans to dress as a certain professional dancer for Halloween this year.

Sometimes I just have to write these things down so I don't forget about them later.

And I'm secretly hoping Aidan develops a fascination with Spiderman or the Incredible Hulk sometime in the next few months, otherwise we will have quite a bit to to explain to our neighbors on Halloween night when they see my boy dressed in leather pants, sunglasses, and fake tattoos.


The Driskells said...

I TOTALLY see the similarities! Awesome comparison!
: )

Brand al Thor said...

Where is the side by side of shirtless Aidan and shirtless Max...I think Aidan has better abs!