Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This and That

I've sat down to write a blog post several times over the last few days, and each time, nothing. Zip. Nada. I can't seem to put two words together or form a cohesive thought about anything.

Life is trucking along as usual at our house over this past week. I am working the next four consecutive days, but I have not worked since last Friday. Work is going well, I've been at a facility that I L-O-V-E for the last few weeks, and it couldn't be better.

Brandon preformed a wedding last weekend, and he tried to explain to the boys Saturday morning what he was going to do. I knew they were still a little confused when Aidan asked, "When is Daddy going to marry somebody else?", followed immediately by "Will she be taller?". Apparently, Brandon told the boys he was "going to marry a girl who used to be in his youth group." Poor Aidan was so confused, but oddly enough, didn't seem that upset about the prospect of Daddy "marrying someone else". He even thought to make requests.

The weather here was beautiful yesterday and I shoo-ed my bored little girls outside to play in the backyard while I picked up the kitchen for a little bit. They were having so much fun that I just made them a picnic lunch and let them eat outside.

Then things started to go downhill a bit. Emerson and Harper were appropriately grimy, but then Harper got into what used to be the garden, and decided that ground into her scalp was the perfect place for the soil.

She was so nasty, that when I brought the girls inside, I immediately strapped Harper into her high chair so she wouldn't track dirt all through the house while I cleaned Emerson up enough to take a nap. Then I stuck Harper in the sink for a quick bath, attempting to scrub all the little dirt bits from her hair. Unsuccessful, I subjected Harper's hair to the blow-dryer, thinking I could just brush some of the soil out after it was dry. Needless to say, I put her down for her nap yesterday, still having little bits of dirt on her little head.

And why was I so determined to get the girls down for their naps yesterday? Because I had to haul them to the crazy orthopedic's office later that afternoon, and I decided I would rather have rested girls than spotlessly clean girls at the doctor's office. The best news of the day? Dane's cast is due to come off next week! X-rays showed that Dane's arm is healing fabulously, and in just one week we can get the cast off! Yay for being able to wash Dane's right hand!

Harper is talking a mile-a-minute, much more than the boys talked at this age, and she and Emmy have conversations all the time. It's so funny to hear them talk to each other, because they are at about the same level when it comes to speech right now. Harper is quick to point out when someone is upset "Mommy, baby crying!". Her other favorite trick is to strip her clothes and diaper off, and run around the house, slapping her backside, saying "butt-cheeks, butt-cheeks!" The downside to having Aidan for a big brother.

Emerson was telling me the other day what she was going to do when Miss Kylie (our beloved babysitter) came over: "Emerson and Kylie. Harper go night-night. Popcorn. Toy Story. Paint nails. Pretty! Emerson and Kylie, nails, pretty!" Emerson and Kylie have "mani-pedi time" when Harper takes her nap, and it's a highlight of Emerson's week. She loves this special treat!

Dane had a hat parade at school last week, and he and Brandon decided to make his hat instead of using his Davy Crockett hat from Halloween. The result?

Pizza, football, Pokemon character, Jesus, a lion, and his family. My boy Dane in a nutshell. The best hat in the first grade, if I do say so myself.

Picnics, hat parades, weddings, casts, and butt-cheeks. So what's been going on at your house?


Anonymous said...

I bet Emerson is really glad she isn't in that gene pool...