Saturday, August 20, 2011

Go Texans Go

This past Monday morning, as I'm getting my day of grocery shopping and child wrangling planned out, I get a phone call from my dear husband from work.

Someone is offering me four free tickets to the Texans game tonight. They're on the 50 yard line and parking passes are included. Can I go?

Free tickets? TAKE THEM! Just don't plan on taking a bunch of your buddies from work.
Because I know a boy or two who would DIE if you went without them.

And a certain determined Mommy managed to get one of those boys to take a two hour pre-game nap, so he would be in a great mood all night.

According to Aidan, "Andre Johnson's team won, but he wasn't there." It's a tough pre-season pill to swallow, some of your favorite players may not actually be playing.

Brandon took just a few pictures at the game, but these gems were included for some reason:

Thanks, Brandon. I feel these shots really captured the spirit of the moment.

So this football season, if you're sitting around thinking to yourself, "Gosh, I have all of these football tickets that I just don't know what to do with", you know who to call!