Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Orange Leaf

When I grow up I want to open up one of those self-serve frozen yogurt places.
The kind that claims to be so very healthy and beneficial for digestive balance.

The kind that encourages you to serve yourself about half a gallon worth of healthy and beneficial frozen yogurt into very large serving cups, then smother it with chocolate chips and candy bar chunks.

The kind that has bright green walls and orange couches.

And plays music, encouraging bad dancing from its customers.

The kind where your two year old can crawl under the legs of the molded plastic chairs
and an impromptu wrestling match with Daddy may take place.

The kind that your boy decides to visit in leu of a birthday cake on his birthday, so that he can craft his own birthday-cake flavored frozen yogurt covered in gummy worms and sprinkles.
Yes, the birthday celebration still continues.


Jo Black said...

Wish we had one of those yogurt places near where we live.....