Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Almost 8

My almost-8 year old Dane and I spent an afternoon just the two of us this past weekend, and we had some...informative conversations on the way home.

Mom: (singing)Oh, bring us some figgy pudding, oh bring us some figgy pudding. Dane, what do you think figgy pudding tastes like?

Dane: I don’t know. I bet it’s pretty good. It probably tastes kinda like chocolate pudding. (pause) But if it actually had little pieces of pigs in them, it would be disgusting!

Mom: Little pieces of pigs? (insert confused face here). Um, Dane, you know it’s figgy pudding, not piggy pudding, right?

Dane: It is? (pause) Than I bet it tastes like fig newtons. Nathan had fig newtons one time at lunch and he let me try one. They were brown inside, but they did not taste like chocolate.

Mom, I don’t think Mrs. W. knows how old she is. She’s really old. She has 6 children and 12 grandchildren. But on a worksheet she was showing us, where it asked for her age, she wrote 33 with a question mark! Mom, there’s no WAY she’s 33. She has to be a lot older than that, because you’re 33, and I’m only 7. Do you think she forgot how old she is?

In 20 years I bet Betty will be a great-great grandmother (this was part of a conversation where we were discussing the ages of my grandparents). Because in 20 years, I will be 27, and I’m sure I will have a child by then. Because you have to be married first, and I’m sure I’ll be married. Then it takes, I guess about 3 years to have a baby. Then pregnancy lasts about 9 months or so, then you have a baby. So I’ll probably get married when I’m 22 or 23.

(Go ahead and say a little prayer for Dane's future wife. Pray that she loves Jesus and is very easy-going and laid back and can go-with-the-flow. Because my boy? HE'S A BIT OF A PLANNER.)

Dane: Hey, Mom, can you spell I Cup? (I fell right into that one.)

Me: I-C-U-P. Where’d you learn that one?

Dane: My friend ‘M’ made it up, it is so funny!

Me: He didn’t make it up. We were doing that when I was in elementary school. It’s as old as the hills.

Dane: Yeah, but the only person I actually see pee is Aidan. He pees in the shower, and you can’t not watch that.

(Must tell Aidan to STOP PEEING IN MY SHOWER).

Dane-o, I cannot believe you are about to turn 8. It seems like not that long ago that you looked like this.

And your circa 2004 mommy dressed you in holiday onesies with rick-rack on them. Because nothing is manlier than a little 4th of July rick-rack.

And now you are this bonafide big kid with big plans and big dreams. To say we are unspeakably proud of you is an understatement. Happy birthday, Dane Christopher.


Brand al Thor said...

The "Aidan-concentrating-catching face" in picture #4 is awesome! Hope he didn't accidentally swallow any bugs...lol.

Anonymous said...

Great shots of da boys..... I don't remember taking those pictures.... Happy Birthday Pappy's Big Boy... I love you...