Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Nine Greats

Yes, it is almost Christmas and I am STILL posting pictures from our Thanksgiving weekend.

Betty, along with my aunt Betsy, and cousins Carrie and Lindsey, and Lindsey's 2 little cuties came over for a post-Thanksgiving, non-turkey dinner on Saturday night. We had the brilliant idea to try and get a picture with Betty and her nine great-grandchildren.
It went about as well as you can imagine.
And these are some of my favorite pictures in existence.
Lindsey's oldest, Mr. M, is Harper's age, and little Miss M is baby Nora's age.
It was not a quiet house that Saturday night.
It's quite possible that Betty is not laughing at the children, but rather the half dozen ridiculous adults behind the camera(s), trying to coax their respective children/grandchildren to smile at the camera. Or even look at the camera.
Or just sit on the couch without your little bright red tights-clad chubby legs flung into the air. I'm really not picky.
Those of us not in the picture were guilty of making all kinds of screeching and other high pitched, animal-like noises in an effort of getting the kids to all look up at the same time for that perfect, once in a lifetime frame-able picture.
But these pictures are once in a lifetime, all right.
And you better believe one of them will be in a frame in my house.


The Driskells said...

You better put one in a frame! Those are the best kind of pictures! You'll laugh at it every time you pass by!

Anonymous said...

Hey... Andy didn't take these pictures!!!! Are you mad at him???