Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things I had Forgotten About When I Checked My Camera Card

I went to pull a couple of pictures off my camera the other day, and found some I forgot I had from the last several weeks.

We are deep into the "Disney princess phase" with both girls right now. At any given moment, Harper and Emerson are princesses, or mommies, or teachers (when they play school, both of my bossy little girls are the teacher), or kitties and doggies. Even so, it was a little trial and error before I figured out what hair style the girls wanted when they requested "Tangled hair". Behold, the Tangled hair:

And just so you know, Mulan hair is just a regular ponytail (also sometimes known as "dance class hair").

It seems like our family went through a "sick spell" for a few weeks in February and March. Aidan was diagnosed with mono, and was a pretty sick little guy for about a week before he was able to get back to school. He is STILL banned from contact sports (aka outdoor football and living room wrestling) for another week. Harper was sick with asthma and ear infections for a while, and even Emerson had a fever for a couple of days. Thankfully, we have all recovered. Aidan was not to sick to help Dane find this guy in the backyard:

(the boys' hair in this picture makes me cringe. They have both had haircuts since this picture was taken.)

And you better believed they tormented their sweet little sisters, and chased them around the yard with this poor frog.

On a far more rainy day a couple of weeks ago, a couch cushion fort was called for:

Recipe for couch cushion fort:

Take all cushions from falling-apart, tired, worn out living room set, and combine with living room corner with convenient end table. Add blankets, pillows, and as many flashlights as there are children. Give 6 year old stuffed animals and books, and let chill for 2 hours. Best served with popcorn.

Quick Emerson story...

A couple of months ago, I made the mistake of telling Emerson that she was going to go to kindergarten next year. That she would ride the bus with her brothers, and go to the big school with them and get to eat in the cafeteria with her friends every day.


Speaking of every day, Emerson has asked me EVERY DAY since then if she is going to kindergarten tomorrow. When I say no, she asks me if she is going to swim team tomorrow. Sorry, sweetie. Lately, she has been asking if the wedding is tomorrow. (My beloved babysitter is getting married in June. The first babysitter we ever left Emerson with, and one of her favorite people on earth. And Emmy is going to be her flower girl.)

Anyway, Emerson is a bit excited about kindergarten, and it tends to come up in conversations she has with everyone. Everyone. She tells her grandparents on the phone. She yells it to friends across the church parking lot. Her pediatrician has been notified. I was grocery shopping the other day, and I had to take the girls into the bathroom at Kroger for Harper to go potty. As I'm holding Harper on the toilet, I notice Emerson, who is standing outside of the stall, bend over and notice another lady's feet in the stall next to us. Then I hear a certain unmistakable voice, "Hi, I'm Emerson. And I'm going to kindergarten next year!" If this poor lady next to me thought she was going to be able to steal a quick moment of peace and quiet in the bathroom, she was sadly mistaken.

Hoping you get to pee in peace today,


Anonymous said...

"Pee in peace" is too wordy..... How about "Peece"??? Kind of says it all...