Saturday, August 4, 2012

San Antonio

In July Brandon and I made the great escape out of town for a few days.  We headed to one of our favorite towns--San Antonio.  We went to San Antonio for a couple of days last year, and loved it again that we decided to go back.  I'd love to tell you we enjoyed the town for it's culture, rich history, and educational sights.  I hate to say that we just like to go out of town so we can sleep in, eat at restaurants without a kids menu, and sit in total silence while we sip frozen drinks on the patio of a hotel.  I hate to say that I took a picture of the pizza we ate one night, 

and the oven it was cooked in for 90 seconds right in front of me
and did not take a picture with Michelle Dugger, who I ran into at the Goodwill in downtown San Antonio.  Of course.  That's what everyone does on vacation, right?  Buy 50-cent paperbacks at the Goodwill.  I hate to say that we did not do one single tourist-y San Antonio thing, and instead spent our time seeing movies and enjoying a Duck Dynasty marathon on A&E from the comfort of our hotel room. 

Nope.  We're way too fancy and high-falutin' to drive all the way to San Antonio for Duck Dynasty.

Speaking of high-falutin', I also took a picture of our Sunday lunch place, where we went solely for the pecan cobbler that we remembered from last year. 
 And it did not let us down, that pecan cobbler.

I know you've enjoyed this lovely summary of our 3 days in the great tourist destination of San Antonio, Texas.  Vacation planning services available upon request.


Anonymous said...

poWho looked after your children while you were having so much fun??? Those must be some wonderful people...