Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Heart February

In a lame attempt to get caught up on blogging (Hi, Dad!), I'm just going to, hopefully, spend this next week dumping pictures on the blog with very thoughtful explanations like "We did backyard camping in February.  It was fun.  It wasn't too cold.  I promise Dane was there too, even though I didn't get any pictures of him.  Because when you're nine years old, you're too cool to think things are super-fun even when they are, and you think mom taking pictures is lame-o."

But I have a couple of kiddos who have never met a camera they didn't like:

And this girl...
Oh, Harper-Lo.
I'm not sure where Emmy got this pose,
but it was soon copied by her best friend in the whole wide world,
And then we roasted weenies in the chimnea, before the girls and I headed inside and the boys spent the whole night sleeping in the tent and peeing by the fence.
Now if I can only remember what we did in March...


Adrienne said...

Fun!! Yay for blog catch up!