Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Break

Brandon was out of town over Spring Break (such is the glamorous life of youth ministry) and the kids and I were on our own for the whole week.  After the Stomach Bug of 2013 finally left our house on Tuesday of Spring Break, we spent a day at our favorite little park.  The kids (and by 'kids', I mean Harper) are finally at an age where they're a little easier to take out on my own.  For the past several years our brood has been a two-man job, at least for me anyway.

This little girl enjoyed the PERFECT Spring Break weather
Oh, the popped hip.  In almost every picture :)

The ever-present sister picture:
Speaking of The Sister, I apparently have decided that she is at a very photogenic age.  I have quite a few pictures of just her.  On our walk around the little lake, she found something pink and SUPER sparkly on the path:
She was SO excited!  "Mommy!  I found a super sparkly pink worm with no head!"  It was the find of a lifetime.

It was a fishing lure.  In unrelated news, we're in the painful process of growing out her bangs, and pictures like these make me want to trim them again and keep her hair like this forever.

Any guesses as to what motivated all four of my kiddos to sit down in the middle of our walk and stare intently?

Sleeping ducks, of course.
We did other super-fun stuff during our daddy-less Spring Break, but I was too distracted by the stale cigarette/stinky foot smell at the bowling alley to take any pictures.