Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Sorry, Miss Tiffany

The kids went back to school this past week after a week long Ike-induced hurrication.  When I picked Dane up on Tuesday, here is the conversation we had in the car:

Me:  Dane, did you tell Miss Tiffany what happened to our house?
Dane:  Yeah, I did.
Me:  What did you tell her?
Dane:  I told her that a big tree came into our house and water was all over our kitchen floor and consummation was EVERYWHERE.
Me:  What was everywhere? (I almost drove off the road at this point).
Dane:  You know, all that pink stuff that is above the ceiling.  It's EVERYWHERE.
Me:  You mean insulation?
Dane:  Oh, yeah.  Insulation.

So I guess the parent-teacher conference will probably be next week.  And Dane's classmates will go home and tell their parents that they all want to go to Dane's house because there's just consummation EVERYWHERE.

Hey, we don't call it Hotel Ike for nothin'.


Katee said...

All I want to know is where he heard the word "consummation."

Anonymous said...

that is the funniest thing i've ever heard! i love consummation!