Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He Makes Me Laugh

Brandon and I went into Houston the other day (not a common occurrence for us), to look at a van Brandon saw on ebay (that's a whole different blog).  If you're familiar with Houston, we were on 610 going north, where 290 hits 610.  The highway splits, and the left lanes follow the "290 to Austin" signs, while the right lanes stay on 610, where we needed to be.  We were in one of the left lanes, and we needed to change lanes.  Here is the conversation that ensued between Hot Brandon and I whilst attempting to change lanes:

H.B.:  Let's go to Austin.  Let's 'Keep Austin Weird'.
Me:  We're not weird enough to 'Keep Austin Weird'.  We're very normal and boring.  We would just 'Keep Austin Regular'.
H.B.:  We don't keep Austin regular.  I think the prune company keeps Austin regular.
Me:  Hmmm.  Good point.  That would be a huge responsibility.  Keeping the entire city of Austin regular.
H.B.:  We'd be like Austin suppositories.

I love him.


Becky said...

you two compliment each other so well.

Jenni Carnes said...

Glad to know that when other wives try to have normal conversations with their husbands they also end up discussing something having to do with the bowel system.... do other husbands also sing about the bowel system, or is that just a perk of being married to a worship minister? Hmmmmm.... at least his pitch is always good

Adrienne said...

Jenni: I can't say that my Jeremy sings bathroom songs, but you better believe that Brandon does! I have too many memories of that from childhood to even begin to recount...