Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

While we were in DFW last week, we took the boys to the greatest pumpkin patch ever.
We got there on the morning of the first day it was open, and we were one of the only people there for a little while, and the weather was perfect.  A great morning.  This particular pumpkin patch comes loaded with not only pumpkins, but inflatable slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses, and playground equipment.  I think it their hearts, Dane and Aidan are still there.  Mean Mommy made them play in the pumpkin field for a while and pick out their pumpkins before they could play.
Aidan always looks huge in pictures like this:
Please note that I did not photoshop to adjust the colors in any of these pictures.  The day really was this orange.  
Finally all the pumpkinning is done, and the boys got to play for a while.  It was nice this year, because Aidan was big enough to do everything Dane was doing.  Last year we had to help him climb up these steps.
I think they think the pumpkin patch people were their real family, so they could play here everyday.

I didn't take a picture of this, but they also had one of those circa 1986 playground merry-go-rounds.  The big metal kind that the kids just hang on for dear life to, while their Daddy pushes it around and around as fast as it will go or until a small child flies off.  Aidan loved it.  And his parents loved watching him stumble around in a dizzy stupor after we stopped all the spinning.  Fun times.

We were trying to make them pose like the characters from Kung Fu Panda here (What?  Doesn't everyone do this at pumpkin patches?)  Behind them is the hay maze where Dane had to go in and find two boys that were lost inside for like half an hour.  The maze is built too small for adults, and you can't climb on the outside to visualize your kids, you just hope they're still in there somewhere and haven't dug an underground tunnel to get out of all the hay, already.  I think you're allowed to throw water bottles and granola bars over the side to them, though.
Off to bed after getting my tail kicked in the ER today.  I love my job, I love my job.