Friday, October 31, 2008

Scenes From a Canon

I was going through my camera, and I came across a few pictures from the last week or so that I enjoyed.  

This was one of Dane's soccer games.  We were having "technical difficulties" with the camera during Aidan's game, so all we got were a few pics of Dane's game after a desperate call to my brother for camera assistance.  I know this isn't a great picture, but I just love the expression on Dane's face.
And Aidan found some powdered donuts to eat during Dane's game:
The happy soccer player and his Daddy:

During one of our play groups, a bunch of us took the kids to this local "pumpkin patch" at one of the churches.  I use the term "pumpkin patch" very loosely.  My children and I were chastised no less than 4 times in under an hour for (and I'm not kidding here) HANDLING the pumpkins.  That's right, a "Look but don't Touch" policy at a pumpkin patch.  We were told that we were more than welcome to sit NEXT TO the pumpkins and pose for a picture, but please do not actually PLAY WITH the pumpkins.  Maybe the Pumpkin-Nazi-Lady thought these were special golden pumpkins that would turn back into fairy-dust at the mere touch of preschooler's hands.  As you can see, we listened and obeyed very well at the pumpkin patch that day.

My friend Becky made me a purse.  This purse.  And I LOVE it.  Our church has a quilting ministry which up until a couple of years ago consisted of a lovely group of, well, older ladies.  I don't mean geriatrics, I just mean they were all at least a generation older than my own.  Then something happened with the sweet quilting ministry.  They started offering free child care all day on Mondays and making purses.  Now, all of my friends are quilters.  They make sassy diaper bags and teacher bags and purses and I was jealous and wanted my own.  But, alas, I am horribly impatient and not good with tedious, time consuming tasks, and I am simply not cut out to spend hours with a sewing machine.  So my friend took pity on me and made me my very own purse!  
And if you look closely, you may notice a very subtle bird theme.  Because I am all about the birds.  
Happy Halloween, everyone!  I'll post cute pictures of the Knight in Shining Armor and Leonardo the Ninja Turtle soon!


Becky said...

aw how sweet you are to post my work with link and all. thanks. have fun tonight we will see you sunday.