Monday, February 9, 2009

Because I Don't Have a Facebook of my Own

Hot Brandon got Facebook a few months ago.  And I gotta tell ya, it's pretty addicting.  I'm pretty sure I spend as much time if not more on his facebook than he does.  I don't have my own, and I'm not sure why.  It may be that I like a certain bit of anonymity online.  (Ironic, since I have no problem spilling my guts here on my blog).  But I like not naming my town, last name, employer, and other identifying factors here on my blog.

But I love reading other people's facebook and seeing "where they are" and "what they're doing", and I've had fun reading people's "25 Random Things About Me" postings.

So blog readers, here are "25 Random Things About Me".  And I tag everyone on my sidebar.  Even if you've already posted this on your facebook, you have to post it on your blog too.

25 Random Things About Mandy:

1.  I don't like gravy.  Or mashed potatoes, yogurt, oatmeal, grits, bananas, or just about anything with a "mushy, don't really have to chew" consistency.  This includes ice cream if it is too melted and runny milkshakes.

2.  I have a scar just below my right eye from my forceps delivery.  I was 9 pounds when I was born, and my mom is very petite (sorry about that, mom.)

3.  I don't like roller coasters.  Even the ones that aren't really that scary.

4.  I can't climb steps without counting them.  But when I count them, I count them by syllables.  For example, when I count the steps and get to "seven", that's two syllables, so each step gets its own syllable.  Do they have medication for this?

5.  When I was in elementary school, I decided to get my ears pierced.  So my mom and I went to the Golden Triangle Mall, and after the first ear was pierced, I decided it hurt too much to get the second one done.  So I left the mall with one ear pierced, and left the earring in for the requisite 6 weeks before pulling it out and letting the hole grow back in.

6.  When I was in high school (maybe middle school?) I used to rollerblade back and forth in front of my house every evening for about an hour.  But just in front of my parents' house.  If I went farther, I would have to navigate a hill, and even after an unfortunate incident involving a stop sign and my face, I never learned how to apply the brakes on the rollerblades.

7.  I don't put butter on my bread.  Or on rolls, cornbread, etc.  I do put it on corn on the cob, but that's it.  I also don't eat any kind of sauce (ie mayo or mustard) on my sandwiches or burgers.  This is not because I'm heath conscious, I just don't like wet stuff on my bread.

8.  I'm only on number 8 and already I am running out of random things.

9.  One of the doctors I work with who hasn't seen me in several weeks, told me last week that I was "the most pregnant person he has ever seen."  This is a man who has been a doctor almost as long as I have been alive.  Just wait till next month, doc.  THEN I'll be the most pregnant person you have ever seen.

10.  I get cravings for chicken when I am pregnant.  I have been known to go to the grocery store, buy a rotisserie chicken, and pick at it for the next three meals.

11.  Half of my random things thus far have involved food of some sort.

12.  I almost didn't get into nursing school because the school lost my application.  So my dad called Senator Jane Nelson (I'm not kidding) and explained the situation, and several hours later I got a call from the president of The University of Texas at Arlington telling me I was accepted into their nursing school based solely on my GPA, sans application.  Then I graduated Summa Cum Laude two years later.  (FYI:  My spellcheck just picked up "Laude" as a misspelled word, and wanted me to change it to "Laid".  Perhaps my spellchecker finished in the bottom of his class and bears some resentment...)

13.  I know my alphabet in sign language, but no actual words.  Except Jesus.

14.  I serve once a month as a "greeter" at church.  This means I am supposed to be smiley and friendly and welcoming to our visitors and newcomers, helping them with basic questions and directions.  What happens instead is that as I am greeting, I greet someone I know but perhaps haven't seen in a couple of weeks, and we end up talking for 10 minutes, making them late for service.  I'm the worst greeter ever.

15.  A couple of months ago I was reading books by an author named Lee Child.  They are addictive books and characters, and Brandon and I read every book he has written without interruption.  We were obsessed and even dreamed about what we were reading to the point that we were both losing sleep because we could. not. put. the. book. down.

16.  Brandon and I bought the first bedroom furniture we have ever bought last night.  After almost 9 years of marriage.

17.  I also have to buy a new kitchen table, which is going to take forever because I want to buy one exactly like the one I had before.  Stupid hurricane and moldy kitchen tables.

18.  I drink 1-2 liters of water per day, and 1-2 servings of caffeine a day.

19.  I love going to garage sales and buying kids' clothes for .50-$1 apiece.  My 3-year old is currently wearing a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans in perfect condition that I paid $1 for.

20.  I have no earthly idea what I am going to do with a daughter.  I am a Boy Mommy, and the idea of raising a daughter causes me to lose sleep more than one night a week.

21.  I fell off my bike one time when I was a kid and skinned my knee and I don't think I ever rode the bike again.

22.  I am not a pack rat.  I tend to throw away things I am finished with, and rarely give it a second thought.  I have no problem getting rid of clothes that have not been worn in a year or two, kitchen junk I'm never going to use, books we have read, and random financial paperwork such as pay stubs that I can't think of a reason to keep.

23.  I have no desire to ever scrapbook or quilt anything.  Ever.

24.  My favorite "board game" is a little tile game called Rumi-Cube.  I once played, like, 16 games straight with my cousin in the back of a suburban on the way to Austin.  My dad was driving and stopped at a restaurant and had to order for us because we were still in the car playing.

25.  I can insert an IV in the dark.  And put in a Foley catheter in the dark, for that matter.  (Well, the catheter takes a little light.)

And I tag everyone on my sidebar to come up with 25 Random Things of their own.  Because I'm getting sick of looking at pictures of all your kids (just kidding.)


John said...

You know you can set Facebook to not show strangers anything about you or just show them the general area you're from and a tiny picture.

Anonymous said...

None of my people acted like you.

Becky said...

I have been too lazy to post pics of the kids, and frankly i don't have 25 interesting things. even the one on face book was boring.

andy said...

i will now live out the rest of my days in total regret having just googled foley catheter... the horror. the horror.

Abby said...

You make me laugh Mandy!! I think a lot of my Random things would have to do with food too!! I'll post my 25 another day! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED reading your 25 things. Did you know I read your blog all the time? It's saved in my favorites. I do not blog. Did you read my 25 things on Facebook? I think yours are more interesting though...

:) Sheila L.

Anonymous said...
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