Monday, February 23, 2009


Some friends from church (and Val) threw me a fantastical baby shower yesterday.  Complete with Pregnant Mandy Food (including pickle wraps and mini key lime pies) and tons of super cute baby girl gifts.  Here are my girls and I behind the table o' yumminess (they totally speak my love language.  And I have no idea why this entire paragraph is "bold").And yes, those are carrot cake cupcakes and cake balls and mini key lime pies and chips with ranch and french onion dip that you see.  The vegetable tray is just off to the side.

My mom, sister Lindy, and G.G. came down for the shower also:
By the way, this is as close as I'm getting to a "belly picture" this pregnancy.  I'm reaching that depressing phase of pregnancy in the final month where even maternity clothes are starting to not fit.  Nothin' else is fitting into this shirt I'm wearing here, folks.

Should I be depressed that my 90 year old grandmother is more fashionable than me?  She always looks so sassy.

And nothing is more fun than opening baby girl gifts.  Lots of pink, and lots of ruffled items and handmade goodies by my overly talented family and friends.  I have about 57 pictures of me that look pretty much like this, but with different super-cute girl items.
My church (as well as my family) has once again amazed and humbled me at their generosity.  I'm feeling quite a bit more prepared and relaxed than I felt just a couple of days ago, and Baby Girl is even the proud owner of approximately 30 pairs of socks!