Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter, Day 2

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  As I referred to yesterday, ours continued into today.  We ran out of time Sunday for all of the traditional festivities, as we were too busy eating yummy brisket and swimming with some dear friends.  Dear friends who know how to cook a mean brisket on the first day since Lent started that Brandon could eat meat.  Fortunately, the kids don't get too hung up on semantics as long as there is candy and goodies involved.  We did Easter baskets and an egg hunt in the backyard this morning.  Harper really enjoyed her basket filled with diapers, a pacifier, and new blankie.
Yes, I did make them pull their Easter clothes out of the laundry basket and wear them this morning while they did "Easter activities".  Not the first fake Easter pictures, and probably won't be the last.

And yes, Dane is wearing a blue yarn headband.
Aidan just realized he could see the Easter eggs out the kitchen window.
Under their baskets was a set of Star Wars figures for the boys.  They were super excited, and the toys have already paid for themselves in the form of 3 hours of quiet play time upstairs. :)
Dane considers Easter egg hunting a competitive sport.  He sprints around, finding as many eggs as he can.  Meanwhile, Aidan meanders around, looking for eggs, running to us and showing us each one he picks up.

Check out my pretty grass in the backyard!  The hot guy that laid the tile in my shower is now our new yard man.  He's multitalented...
Aidan appears to have found the levitating Easter egg.  
I could make a far-reaching Jesus/Easter analogy here, but I'll pass.

Here are the faces Dane and Aidan make when their Daddy is making potty jokes while taking their pictures.

With potty jokes:
Without potty jokes:
Here's Miss Harper yesterday before all the screaming started when we were attempting pictures with all 3 kids.  

She still looks a little distraught.  
I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Day-After-Easter as much as we are.  (Did I mention the hours of quiet play time??)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have a good camera, and know how to use it... Good Stuff Girl.... Good writing too.

Anonymous said...

I showed your blog to Snooky's mom. She loved it.

Anonymous said...

The nephs look so cute in the "potty joke" pic...makes me wanna have Cousin Camp soon!