Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween 4 Days Late

Hope your Halloween was a happy one. Our little family (and Val and Joel) spent an evening with 35 of our dearest friends for a night of chili, frito pie, and desserts followed up with 2+ hours of trick-or-treating.

Here was the group before all the sugar was consumed:
In case you're confused and looking for my children, Princess Leia is being held by Lady Gaga, and Captain Rex/Dane is beating Anakin Skywalker over the head with his giant blue gun. Commander Cody/Aidan is too busy admiring Princess Leia's striped tights to look at the camera. Joel/Nacho Libre is the red and blue blur to the upper left of the picture.

Here's a better picture of Harper as Princess Leia. Please excuse the ever-present giant blue gun. Brandon's Halloween was not going to be complete until Dane and Aidan were armed with Star-Wars-inaccurate firearms.

Brandon went as the popular social networking site "BookFace", and Val went as a pregnant lady dead on her feet after 2+ hours of trick-or-treating. I think I may have to pull our Harper's costume again just to get some better pictures.
Please excuse the mediocre pictures today. My auto-focus has taken an extended vacation and my camera has not wanted to cooperate with me at all lately. And photoshop has decided to forget everything he has ever known. Here's just a couple of random shots from last week.

Guess who's not fighting Aidan's wardrobe battle at soccer practice? (Which one of these doesn't belong?) Yeah, that's my kid playing soccer in plaid shorts.
Harper enjoyed several days of dressing up in Halloween clothes. Her shirt says "I Love My Mummy"
And though not actually crawling, the girl has been mobile for quite a while, and getting into more and more trouble everyday:
I'll try to get some better pictures of Harper in her costume this week. I didn't get any of the boys in their costumes, either, but theirs have been muddied up and sufficiently destroyed after their night of trick-or-treating. Have a great week!


Kay said...

looks like yall had a great Halloween!

I love it that she is getting into everything! She is so precious!