Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Garage Can Beat Up Your Garage

I apologize for the slack-blogging lately. Work has been keeping me busy, and on the rare days that I'm not at work and the laundry is sort-of caught up, I've been working on our adoption stuff. I worked on adoption stuff for about 15 hours this past weekend. But this week? I'm only working two days, so I am determined to get back in the habit of blogging more regularly. I guess I could be determined to clean up the house a bit, or head back to the gym, but I like to keep my goals realistic.

As promised, here (finally!) is a better picture of Harper as Princess Leia in her Halloween costume.

I didn't really get good pictures of the boys in their costumes, so just picture white one-piece polyester jumpsuits covered in dirt, mud, ketchup, and ground-in bits of candy, because that's pretty much what Captain Rex and Commander Cody looked like by the end of the night.

The weather here has been nothing short of perfection, so Brandon decided to reward the boys after a week of really good behavior with a backyard campout. After a "quick trip to WalMart for some hot dogs", Brandon came home Friday with a chiminea for our backyard. We have no patio furniture, but we now have a chiminea. Brandon inexplicably had a tent in the back of his car (it's not ours--anyone missing a tent?), so we were set for the backyard campout!

I sent the boys inside to change into "camping clothes", and here's what they came out wearing. So much about what is different about Dane and Aidan is in these pictures!

Doesn't everybody camp out in a long-sleeve polo shirt and mismatched pajamas?

Aidan also brought a few of his beloved stuffed animals.

We cooked hot dogs and s'mores (I'm pretty sure Aidan's dinner consisted of half a hot dog bun and 8 marshmallows), then Harper and I headed inside while the boys all headed into the tent for reading, flashlight shining, Bible stories, and cuddling in lots of blankets. Much to my surprise, all three of them slept the whole night in the tent, and by morning time Dane and Aidan had great stories to share of all the fun they had had on their big campout.

Saturday during Harper's nap time, the rest of us cleaned out the garage, and Brandon finally found a place for these gems:

Now our garage is horny and armed. Horned and armed, sorry. And clean.


Adrienne said...

Awesome! Love the backyard camp out-- way to go with the good behavior, boy-o's!

The Driskells said...

My husband would SO love that sword! He wanted to register for one like that when we got married. You're a much nicer wife than me, because I obviously said no!
Cool camp out too! Not sure our girls would go for that yet, but maybe someday.

Anonymous said...

I can only assume the sword was well hidden when the home visit was made.

Izzy, Valerie and Joel said...

camping stuff it is for Christmas...that's one fo the funniest things I've ever seen.