Monday, November 16, 2009

Sharks and Fireballs

It was a great year for Aidan's team (the Sharks), and Dane's team (the Fireballs), and the boys had a great time playing for the YMCA again this year. Aidan won the award for "Most Likely to Fall Down" this year. Aidan likes to fall down A LOT. Sometimes he would knock into another player, other times he would just hit the ground and go into a dive roll all on his own. Like 15 times a game. Every time you would look up, the child would be on the ground.

Dane's team finished the season 6-1-1 with a win against the Super Fast Elephants (I cannot make these names up).
All the soccer playing did not interfere with Dane's flirting with a certain pig-tailed Super Fast Elephant:
In other news, Harper has graduated from army-crawl to official crawler, and I continue to dig all sorts of inappropriate small objects out of her mouth on a daily basis. Today she managed to work a pebble out of the bottom of one of my tennis shoes that was by the front door and attempt to eat it for dinner. She also ate her first cereal bar in her high chair in the 84 minutes I spent on the phone with the credit union. And 67 of those minutes was spent on hold.

Aidan's class at preschool will be dressing up as shepherds for the Christmas program and singing "Go Tell It On The Mountain", which means I have approximately 3 more weeks of listening to Aidan sing at the top of his lungs: "Go tell it on the mountain that JESUS CHWIST IS BONE!"

Dane got his school pictures back the other day.
He looks so big to me! He's still loving school, and every day he brings home papers that he has worked on with very intricate drawings of Star Wars battles on the back. And by "intricate", I mean the one today had 42 characters, men on horseback, the Alamo, multicolored Jedis and Darth Vader guys, a couple of helicopters, and several music notes. I have no idea what he is supposed to be doing when he is spending the better part of an hour drawing battle scenes at school, but he seems to be learning what he is supposed to be learning anyway.

I am getting very excited about Black Friday shopping. I am one of those people who gets up at 4am and is done shopping well before noon, and then heads back to bed for the better part of Friday afternoon. It's what Thanksgiving means to me. And if you're someone I'm buying gifts for this year, and I don't have your list yet, please get it to me soon so that I don't actually have to think up something I think you may like for a gift. Because that can be disastrous. You might end up with a first aid kit or a glittery cell phone pouch. Which is unfortunate, because my brother already has a glittery cell phone pouch.

Hope your week is sunny and bright and resplendent with all things you are thankful for, like the yummy soup I made a double batch of this morning and will be eating for dinner all week. Happy Monday.


lindy said...

Grapevine Mills opens at 12:00AM!!

John said...

It pleases me that Dane recognizes that all Star Wars battles require epic music to accompany them.

Kalena Hanke said...

Please post your secrets...this will be my first time shopping on "Black Friday"! I need pointers....the best deals please!

Anonymous said...

Star Wars at the Alamo.... Who doesn't remember
R dos D dos?
Tell Dane to stay away from Fast Elephants... They will break your heart.