Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Harper Chicken Finger

A couple of weeks ago we loaded the kids up and headed around the corner to our new favorite blackberry farm.

Unfortunately for us, the heat combined with lack of rain and a wicked flock of birds made for a very short blackberry-picking season for the little farm, but we picked enough for a cobbler now and some berries in the freezer for cobbler later.

I mean, we picked enough for healthy blackberry snacks now and froze some to use in lowfat breakfast fruit smoothies later.

Yeah, that's it.

The kids watched the chickens for a while, where Harper developed her "Harper chicken finger, bunnies so soft" story that we still hear multiple times a day.

Her finger resembled a little worm by one of the hungry chickens, and she got nipped. It made quite an impression on the little lady. She looked at us with this big pouty lip, and with tears in her eyes, said "Harper chicken finger!" It's never too young to start tattling on barnyard animals.

But the bunnies? The bunnies were so soft. And so seemingly innocent right up until the moment when one of them backed up in that cage and peed all over Harper's stroller.
It's like he was aiming for it.

Seriously. Who goes to pick blackberries and ends up getting peed on by caged bunnies?

Our family, that's who. Animals have not been our friend lately.

When we got home, my little helper and I whipped up a quick blackberry cobbler to enjoy after dinner.

Can you tell she is a little proud of her little pink apron?

See you next year, blackberry farm!



Anonymous said...

Bugs Bunny... The incontinent years.... You hate to see and old movie star end up like that.....